Plastic Fuel and Oil Tanks for Domestic Heating

Choosing a plastic oil tank for domestic heating requirements is about a combination of getting the right product for the right price and ensuring that it is strong and safe for the purpose.  Here at STS, we can help you fulfil both these requirements and get the right style of fuel storage tank for your residential property.

Why opt for plastic tanks?

Modern plastic tanks are just as strong as metal tanks and offer a lightweight option that means they are easier to manoeuvre into place.  Many homes are now considering this style of tank when it comes time to renew theirs or if they are switching to oil fuel heating.

All plastic tanks should be made to the OFTEC standard and should also have a bund that can hold 110% of the capacity of the tank to prevent spills and damage to the environment.  All the tanks we recommend are to this standard and have different capacities depending on what you require.  We can offer a survey of your needs and your property to see what would work best for you and ensure you have the capacity that you need.

Maintaining plastic tanks

Once the tank is in place, we can also offer a package of maintenance to ensure your tank remains in top condition for the longest time.  We can inspect and maintain the tank annually to ensure it is working properly and that there is little risk of any environmental damage from the contents.  And when the time comes to replace the tank, we can again look at the best options available to ensure you have the right tank for your needs going forward, in relation to any regulations that may apply.

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