Disposal of Home Heating Oil Tanks

No matter the quality, every oil tank will have a lifespan and when it reaches the end of its time, then safe removal and disposal are essential.  When residential fuel tanks are ready for replacement, you want someone dealing with the matter that has the experience of fitting, servicing and removal these large pieces of equipment and this is what STS offers.

Removal process

When homes use oil or fuel tanks for heating the property, there are regulations involved with the size and location of them.  There are also regulations that apply to the removal process to ensure there is no damage to the surrounding environment.  STS are qualified in the safe removal of these tanks to ensure that all regulations are met.

Our process involves carrying out a survey to see the best way to remove the tank from the premises and what equipment will be needed to do the job.  We can then look at how to safely remove the oil or other fuel or have it moved to the new tank that is being put into place.  After that, we can look at the options for recycling the tank and issue any documentation required.

Installing a new tank

In addition to removing old tanks when they have come to the end of their lifespan, STS also offer domestic tank installation so we can help you get a new tank to replace the one we are removing.  We can help you assess the size of the tank required and also refresh the environmental checks to make sure that the new tank meets the latest standards.  Once the tank is in place, we can also help with annual servicing to make sure the tank stays in top condition for the longest possible time.  Just give us a call or use our contact form to find out more.


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