New Fuel Tanks for Residential Properties

The use of oil tanks for residential heating isn’t a new one but is one that has been reinvented in recent years with the development of new, stronger and larger tanks that are very environmentally safe.  This has means that more homes than ever can consider having one of these tanks on the premises to provide the fuel for the heating systems.  And here at STS, we are experts in the supply and installation of these tanks.

Why go for oil?

For some domestic properties, there isn’t much choice in opting for oil to heat their homes because they aren’t connected to the gas network.  But there are also many other homes that are choosing to use oil for its benefits.

For starters, oil is a very efficient fuel that can help get heating bills under control and even pay for the cost of the tank installation over time when compared with the gas bill.  You also have a high degree of control over the use of oil – who supplies it to you, how much you put in your tank and how often someone visits to replenish it.  You can get the best deal, the right price and package to suit your needs in a way that you simply can’t do with gas supplies.

Getting the right tank

The key to getting the right system is getting the right tank and this is where STS can help.  As experts in dealing with oil tanks, we can offer the advice you need to make an informed decision.  We can help with size and type of tank as well as the environmental protects you need to put in place to comply with regulations, such as the installation of a bund.  Once the tank is in place, we can also offer maintenance plans to help keep it in top working order.


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