Domestic Fuel and Oil Tank Installation

For properties that don’t have access to the gas network, the installation of a domestic fuel or oil tank is the best and most cost-effective way to power their homes.  The use of these tanks easily provides power for heating homes with the use of oil but do need to be installed by an expert.  Here at STS, we are domestic and commercial storage tank specialists and can help with your needs.

Getting the right tank

The modern residential heating tank comes in lots of different sizes and materials so getting the right tank can be a little confusing.  By using the services of an expert such as STS, we can carry out an assessment of your needs and ensure you get the right tank for your needs and also one that complies with the various regulations around the matter.

Steps need to be taken to ensure that the risk of pollution from an oil spill is minimalised and this is done with a secondary containment system known as a bund.  Typically, this holds 110% of the capacity of the tank.  We can help organise this so that you do everything to avoid an accident and ensure the environment around your home remains beautiful and untouched.

Maintaining your tank

Once you have the right type of tank and location as well as precautions in place to avoid spills, you should then have a ready supply of oil or fuel to heat your home.  However, tanks do require regular maintenance and this is something we can offer for you.  It is recommended that tanks are serviced every year and we can also offer repairs if you think there might be a problem that requires expert handling.  Simply give us a call or use the website form to discuss your maintenance needs and to get a personalised quote.


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