Steel Oil and Heating Fuel Tanks for Private Properties

Steel is one of the most durable metals and therefore makes an excellent material for the construction of domestic heating tanks.  Because it can easily store fuel such as oil for use around residential properties, it is a popular choice and here at STS, we can offer a range of steel tanks to suit your needs.

Getting the best tank

To find out what is the best size and style of tank for your needs, we will first survey your property.  We have worked on a range of domestic properties so we know what the needs and requirements of a home system are but we always like to ensure that those general facts fit your property before proceeding with the next step.

Once we have surveyed the location and discussed your needs, we can make a recommendation about what tank would be the best match.  This will involve looking at the capacity for oil you require as well as your heating needs as to how quickly the oil will be used – this will give you an idea of how often you will need to resupply.  Only once you are happy with the suggestions we make will we start the installation process.

Maintaining the best tank

Our service is a full one and once you have the right tank in place, we can also offer to maintain it for you.  Tanks should be serviced once a year and if there is any incident that might have led to damage, it is important to have them checked.  While tanks have bund systems to help protect against environmental damage from spills, you are still responsible for taking measures to stop such damage so having a tank maintained and checked will fulfil this requirement and keep your property in pristine condition.


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